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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Foundation's eligibility requirements?

The Foundation accepts inquiries and applications from 501C(3) organizations. It does not make grants to individuals.

What are the Foundation's areas of interest?

The Foundation's areas of interest and priorities are:

1. Scholarships for higher education and fellowships

2. Programs addressing the educational interests of seasoned adults at institutions of higher education (Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes)

3. Select integrative health programs

4. Arts and educational programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and the State of Maine

What is the geographic focus of the Foundation's grantmaking?

Support in the first three program areas (scholarships, lifelong learning, and integrative health) is national in scope while the geographic focus of the fourth program area (arts and educational organizations) is the San Francisco Bay Area and the State of Maine.

What are the best ways to assess the Foundation's interest in a proposal?

In the first three areas (scholarships, lifelong learning, and integrative medicine), there is not an open application process at this time.

The fourth area--arts and educational programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and the State of Maine--is not accepting unsolicited letters of inquiry at present. The Founcation is focusing on the resilience and sustainability of its current "local arts and education" grantees which number more than 125 individual organizations.

How do I find an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute near me?

Consult this map to find the Osher Institute(s) near you.

How can I apply for an Osher Scholarship?

The Osher Foundation does not award funds to students directly. It provides funding to colleges and universities to support scholarships, and then those schools administer their own Osher Scholarship Programs.

There are several types of Osher Scholarships, each with a different set of selection criteria. Most are earmarked for undergraduate students. A list of institutions that offer Osher awards is available here. Persons interested in attending or planning to attend one of the schools at which Osher Scholarships are available should contact that school's Office of Financial Aid to learn about the application process.

How does one obtain more information about the Foundation?

Please contact:

Ms. Jeanie Hirokane
Corporate Secretary and Program Director
The Bernard Osher Foundation
One Market Plaza
Steuart Tower, Suite 1000
San Francisco, CA 94105
Tel. (415) 861-5587